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The Miss Las Vegas Classic Beauty Pageant

The Miss Las Vegas Classic Beauty Pageant is a fun, activity filled pageant run by professional coaches that will teach you the ins and outs of how pageants run. This is your chance to get on stage, show your beauty and test if pageants are what you want to pursue in an affordable way before competing in a national pageant. With a Chance to Win Beautiful Crowns we will help teach you to be the "Best You" you can be. 


Q1. What does it mean to be a Natural Beauty Pageant?
A1: A Natural Beauty Pageant is for females that exude natural beauty on the outside and the inside with her personality and charm. It also means little to no make-up for the younger divisions, light makeup for teens and natural looking make-up for the “Miss” "Ms." & "Mrs." Divisions so that we can see that the contestant has radiant skin, hair and a natural smile.

Q2. If I live out of state can I still enter this beauty pageant?
A2: Yes.

Q3. What if I live OUTSIDE the USA? How do I enter and participate?
A3: If you are in Las Vegas on the same weekend that our pageant is held and you have enough time to organize your registration fees prior to the deadlines then we accept contestants from all over the world. Payments must be made online via our PayPal system in USD using your debit or credit card and all registration and release forms must be faxed back to us one week prior to event start date.

Q4. What are the ages categories for this pageant?

A4: Miss Teen LVC - Ages 12-17yrs, Miss LVC - Ages 18 - 27yrs, Ms. LVC - Ages 27 - 40yrs, Mrs. LVC - Ages 21 - 40yrs

Q5. Can I make my registration payment online?
A5: Yes. First you must fill out the online Pageant Application on our corporate website, once you have done that you will in turn receive your registration package and will have spoken with a pageant representative, we can then send you a link to our online registration page that allows you to pay your fees online via PayPal using any major credit card or debit card.

Q6. Can I mail in the payment for the Miss LVC Beauty Pageant registration?
A6: Yes. If you cannot make your payment online then we do have a MAIL-IN option available.
or You can meet in person with your representative or you will need to send by express mail a money order or bank check made payable to;
  5000 Red Rock St. #263 Las Vegas, NV 89118
For the Miss Las Vegas Classic Beauty Pageant.
Contestants Registration is not complete until payment is received in full and signed release forms are returned prior to registration day.

Q7. What is the Registration Cost for the Miss Las Vegas Classic Beauty Pageant?
A7: Early Bird Registration or Discounted Registration is $299.00  (January - May)
Normal Registration fee is Only $399.00
(June - Aug)
We are one of the most affordable beauty pageants in Las Vegas, with a professional team accumulated to help teach and guide you through the process of being part of a beauty pageant.

Q8. Am I required to make a deposit?
A8: Yes, All contestants are required to make a deposit of $100.00 to secure their spot. (If you pay in full - deposit is included)
All Deposits are non-refundable.

Q9. Can I make my registration payment in 2 installments?
A9: Yes, as long as you set up an agreement with your representative. A two part payment is available.

Q10. When does the payment need to be received?
A10: Full payment needs to be received one week prior to Registration Day.

Q11: If I am fully registered and paid in full and something comes up to where we cannot attend the Miss Las Vegas Beauty Classic Pageant, will you offer a refund?
A11: Although no refunds are issued, Please notify us in writing and you/contestant will receive a credit to be used at our next scheduled Miss LVC Beauty Pageant.

Q12. How many girls will be in each age group?
A12: The number of girls in each group will be dependent on registrations – based on the time schedule we will put together for this event we like to register a maximum of 20 girls per Division.

Q13. If a contestant’s birthday is on the pageant weekend, what division will she be in?
A13: Contestants will be placed in a division based on the age they are on the actual Registration Day of the Miss Las Vegas Classic Beauty Pageant.

Q14. What day is the main natural pageant on?
A14: Main Pageant day is Sunday August 6th, 2017.
The Pageant is hosted by the Music and Fashion Expo Las Vegas – and we will have registration, rehearsals and fashion shows during the 2 day event. August 5 & 6,  2017.
All Schedules & Times will be online on our event websites closer to event.
Once Schedules are set we will also send you a schedule by e-mail.

Q15. Does the contestant need to have pageant or modeling experience to enter your pageant?
A15: No, we highly recommend our pageant for first timers; beauty pageants are a great place to learn self confidence and self-respect, so we encouraged all those interested whether contestant has experienced another pageant or not.

Q16. Can a contestant do some pageant and modeling classes with you before the event?
A16: Yes, we can send you training information you need. We have qualified training partners and studios to place any contestant interested in learning some modeling and pageant skills prior to and after the event.

Q17. Do you supply contestants with any outfits?
A17: There is a Tank Top supplied for every contestant as part of their Registration Package.
This Tank Top will be used in the opening walk with your own white pants/shorts or skirt.
(All other outfits must be provided by the contestant.)

Q18. If my daughter wins a title at your pageant, can she still enter more pageants throughout the year?
A18: Absolutely, our winners are not put under contracts for their title, they will only be required to appear at events upon our written request, and they will not be required to pass on their crown – that will be theirs for life.

Q19. How long will each contestants be on stage?
A19: There will be three rounds for each contestant to be on-stage during the natural pageant main event; “The Miss Las Vegas Classic”.
1. Opening outfit and 2 Questions. 2. Casual Wear 3. Sportswear or Swimwear dependent on age division. 4. Evening Wear
Each round, each girl can walk on-stage for up to one minute.
All contestants will be present during all Age Division Awards and Title Crowning.
If contestant registers for Side Divisions (when available) then they will be on stage more times during the event depending upon your registration decisions.

Q20. What Side Division Awards are available to contestants?
A20: We often add side division awards to our pageant available for each age division such as;
  1. Best Bikini  2. Best Casual  3. Best Gown  4. Congeniality  5. Photogenic

Q21. Are contestants required to speak?
A21: Yes,
In the opening outfit, when wearing the LVC Tanks, there will be two questions asked of each contestant. The contestant will state her name and age then the emcee will ask a question about themselves (based off the emcee information card contestant has filled out within registration packet).
Public speaking is a great way to build confidence in children and adults. We want all contestants to experience speaking on stage. Many pageants only ask questions to the finalist’s, we believe that in order to get experience for national pageants all contestants need to experience speaking publicly on stage with a microphone.

Q22. How can I get sponsors to help pay my registration fees?
A22: Obtaining sponsors to support you is surprisingly easy to do! Our office can provide you with a sponsorship letter and form and we can share with you ideas in seeking sponsorship for your pageant registration fees. First give the letter to your family and friends. These are your best supporters of course! We will also give you information on how to obtain a business sponsor if your family and friends cannot help. Make a list with your family of area businesses that you support and you will find they are only too happy to support your endeavors. A minimum $100 business donation may also tax deductible as a business and advertising expense. All personal and business sponsor’s names are announced while you are on stage.

Q23. Can my family and I just pay our entry fees or have just one sponsor?
A23: Definitely. This is your choice. A lot of the girls will find that 1 or 2 members of the family, like grandparents, aunts and uncles will generously support you. Gaining sponsors helps build your public speaking skills and confidence to meet new people too. The important thing is to be involved and to meet the deadlines given so that sponsor fees are paid in a timely fashion. So give your sponsor at least one months notice as to when you will need the funds to be paid.

Q24. What is the charge for family and friends to come and watch the pageant?
A24: VIP Pass $25.00 online or $30.00 cash at the door
Family members and friends will need to purchase their tickets online in advance on our event websites;
www.entertainmentfirst.com or www.musicandfashionexpo.com

We will send out a link for advance ticket sales to all contestants one month prior to the event.

Q25. Will I be able to take photos and video during the pageant?
A25: No, Due to the distraction and respect for the contestants, we will not allow personal video-taping/cameras/phones or i-pads at the pageant. We will have a professional video of the entire pageant available for purchase and a professional photographer will be taking pictures of contestants that have pre-purchased the video/photo package.

Q26. Who will the judges be?
A26: The judging panel will consist of 4 individuals whom are highly respected in their industries. They will also have no personal or professional connection with any of the contestants that are competing for scores. 

Q27. How are the score sheets tallied and winners determined?
A27: A Total of 4 Scores will be added together for each contestant. Judges will score each girl in each outfit plus score her Q&A. Auditor will add the scores to find the Title Winner for each Age Division. The 2nd and 1st runners up will also be acknowledged.

Q28. Will I receive the score sheet?
A28: No, we do not issue score sheets, scores are for judges, auditors and pageant directors only.